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The House of Dance Angelina Ballerina Academy provides a fun, engaging and exciting way to introduce ballet and movement to young girls and boys, aged 18 months to 5 years of age.

House of Dance believes in the importance of guiding, caring and encouraging young children to pursue their dreams of dance. Our program strives to inspire our young ones’ sense of creativity, teamwork, self-confidence, communication and musicality, as well as developing an appreciation for the arts through movement, music, imaginative play and story time.

Our program has a strong focus on the individual needs of each child as they participate in, and move through, our classes. Our classes are crafted to allow for children to be both creatively challenged, whilst also being gently nurtured through the basics of ballet and movement. Within this program we encourage freedom of expression as we believe that each child should be able to experiment with movement without fear of failure.


Our Angelina Ballerina Academy program provides our young dancers with guidance from qualified teachers who love to facilitate learning and discovery within our carefully developed and researched class program.

Our Angelina Ballerina Academy program focuses on nurturing and inspiring young children to explore their creativity through classical ballet and imaginative movement. Our program provides opportunities to foster friendships, and create memorable experiences which last a lifetime. Alongside our partnership with the Angelina Ballerina Academy, House of Dance has developed Hobart’s most popular toddler dance program with over 180 girls and boys attending our classes each week, and we would love to share it with you!

We are proud to offer the following four Angelina Ballerina Academy programs to the girls and boys of Tasmania.

18months - 2.5years
2.5years - 4years
4years - 5years
Early Learning & Kindergarten Centres

“The Angelina Ballerina program has been a wonderful introduction to ballet for my daughter, Alice. The passion and commitment to bring dance into the lives of very small children is very impressive. ”

- Carolyn Murray, Parent of an Angelina Ballerina Mouseling -

House of Dance is proud to be a

2018 Telstra Business Awards Finalist

House of Dance: Angelina Ballerina Academy

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