Parent Testimonials

We understand that when choosing a ballet school for your little one, it is important to make sure that it provides you all that you are asking, and more. Below is some of the feedback we have received from parents of our dancing mouselings. 

We absolutely love seeing Jacey so excited about going to ballet each week. Whizzing around the lounge room arms out and pointing her toes she sings loudly the Angelina Ballerina song..."I will be a star". Her confidence and muscle strength has improved considerably and both Jacey and us as parents have made some great new friends. The happiness and joy that radiates from all involved is delightful. Thank you for allowing and helping  our little girl to shine.

Karen Banks

Mother of an Angelina Ballerina Mouseling

Cutest hour I have ever seen! So impressed with this class! You do an amazing job with these lil cuties. They giggled from start to finish and you had them under complete control even when we were in there. The fact they were learning beautiful moves, as well as shapes, colours and using their imagination.... I was seriously blown away! Can see why she loves going so much! Thanks for making my budding ballerina so happy

Jaime Hazell

Mother of an Angelina Ballerina Mouseling

When we started our 2 year old daughter in the Angelina Ballerina program for little mouselings we were hoping to find her her own special place, away from her older brother, where she could build confidence, friendships and overcome some early social anxieties. She has grown and developed incredibly because of the warm, caring and encouraging environment at HOD. She has been kindly nurtured through basic ballet skills for the smallest of dancers, and never pushed when she hasn't been ready.

Jane Dutton

Mother of an Angelina Ballerina Mouseling

The Angelina ballerina program has been wonderful, gentle and fun for both of our daughters. Emma is a beautiful, nurturing teacher and has given our girls the gift of learning to love dance and ballet since their very first class. 

Jess Jefferson

Mother of an Angelina Ballerina Mouseling

The Angelina Ballerina program has been a wonderful introduction to ballet for my daughter, Alice. The passion and commitment to bring dance into the lives of very small children is very impressive. The program is tailored perfectly for the age group and enjoyment Alice gets from her weekly lessons with Miss Emma has made this experience so worthwhile. Miss Emma is generous with her time, her knowledge and her love of dance, and this is what makes the Angelina Ballerina program so special. I would highly recommend the program to others.

Carolyn Murray

Parent of Angelina Ballerina Mouseling

James and Emily bounce and leap about enthusiastically at the mere mention of the Mouselings. The twins enjoyment of their Angelina Ballerina adventure is a delight to watch. A very happy experience for us all. 

Mary McArthur

Grandmother of an Angelina Ballerina Mouseling

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