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A Snapshot - Term 1 2021

Welcome to our Baby Ballet Tasmania blog!

Here we are already in week 7 of term 1, how did that happen?

As Easter is fast approaching and we’ll wish our little dancers a happy holiday on April 1, we thought it a good time to reflect on the term and provide a little insight into what happens in our program.

No class is ever the same!

As ballet teachers, we carefully plan and structure our classes to ensure flow and a logical progression, however fluidity and flexibility are a must when teaching little 18 month - 4 year old ballet dancers. For example: a couple of weeks ago a student was telling me about her love for turtles which prompted a group ‘under the sea’ dance where we got to imagine and explore a whole underwater world with our dance moves. These moments of improvisation bring joy to each class and continue to spark the interest from our little ballet dancers.

Finding the balance

We believe it is important to find a balance between training co-ordination skills, fostering a love for dance and music and harnessing the imagination. Each lesson we explore the use of legs, feet and arms through imaginative dance whether it be picking stars, finding our good toes and naughty toes or marching up a storm in the studio. In the same lesson we will always include a story relating to dance, a dance game or free dance-so our dancers get to truly express themselves and be able to shine. Some of the favourites include ballet freeze- where the dancers have to try and freeze each time the music stops, planning a trip to the beach with our dance moves and mime and a dance along to the Sugar Plum Fairy!

Magical Props

In dance we use props to aid in story-telling and help with movement quality; our newly introduced prop packs are hugely popular. The colourful ribbons and maracas add extra variety to the lessons and open up a whole world of imaginative possibilities: a simple exercise becomes a musical masterpiece or a rainbow explosion.

Keen to know more?

Heading into term 2 we are so excited to be introducing new exciting activities, stories and opportunities for young minds to explore ballet.

To find out more:

  1. Email us on,

  2. Send us a Contact Form at or

  3. Give us a call on (03) 6229 8646!

Term 2 commences April 17.

Miss Susie x

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